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Shopping in Nairobi - Kenya

ABC Plaza, Waiyaki Way - Nairobi

ABC Plaza, Waiyaki Way

Caters mainly to expatriates. This has a supermarket with a huge choice in imported items as well as food and household goods. ...

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African Heritage, Libra House - Nairobi

African Heritage, Libra House

Mombasa Road, is a fixed price shop for all kinds of souvenirs and local products. The place is in the outskirts of Nairobi. Tel +25420530054...

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Books - Nairobi


Can be found at Book Villa on Standard Street at the city centre, Book Point at Moi Avenue, city centre, or Bookstop at Hurlingham. ...

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Embakasi Village Crafts Market - Nairobi

Embakasi Village Crafts Market

Mombasa Road is another place for all local African crafts and souvenirs...

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Kariokar Market - Nairobi

Kariokar Market

near Racecourse Road, is a big market with vegetables, fish, textiles, souvenirs and clothes on offer in various small stalls. There is noise, color and chaos while huge crowds and their haggling voices create quite an atmosphere. ...

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Kazuri Beads and Pottery Centre  - Nairobi

Kazuri Beads and Pottery Centre

on Mbagathi Ridge, Karen Road has traditional bead work from Africa and some rare pieces of African pottery. The project is handled by women who have been employed by NGO’s. Products are available in the Village Market at Gigiri and the Viking House in Westlands. Tel +254 20 884058...

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Lapigems - Nairobi


Lapigems in the City Center is a top line gem dealer with raw stones as well as designer jewelry. Tel +254 20 249432...

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Maasai Market - Nairobi

Maasai Market

Friday at theVillage Market, Gigiri, Tuesday at the Globe Cinema Roundabout, City Centre, Saturday at the High Court Grounds, and Sundays at the Yaya center. This is the most popular tourist destination for souvenir and local curio shopping. These markets have the most amazing wares on display,...

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