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Restaurants in Nairobi - Kenya

Akasaka Restaurant  - Nairobi

Akasaka Restaurant

Akasaka Restaurant is a mid range Japanese restaurant serving wonderful Japanese dishes at fairly reasonable prices. The interiors are created with care and style. The Tatami room has traditional low table setting to enjoy the delicious sushi, teriyaki, sukiyaki, udon noodles or miso soup. Six...

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Alan Bobbe’s Bistro - Nairobi

Alan Bobbe’s Bistro

Alan Bobbe’s Bistro is a French Bistro gourmet restaurant with a rich décor. The dress code is formal, food is mouthwatering and menu extensive. Koinage Street, City Centre. Tel: +254 20 226027

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Café 21  - Nairobi

Café 21

Café 21 at the city centre caters to the more international palate and has a choice of assorted buffet at lunch or ordering from an a la carte menu. One can sit over a light snacks and coffee as well. Kenyatta Avenue, City Centre. Tel: +254 20 341524

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Café Latino - Nairobi

Café Latino

Café Latino is an Italian menu restaurant. The mood here is young and lively. A perfect place for holiday makers to relax and enjoy themselves while they savor delicious Italian food. The atmosphere is so catchy that impromptu dancing often takes place to the lively music at the restaurant. There...

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Chowpaty Pure Vegatarian Restaurant - Nairobi

Chowpaty Pure Vegatarian Restaurant

Chowpaty Pure Vegatarian Restaurant is a delight for the pure vegetarians. It serves south Indian fares like idli, appam or dosas while also serving good vegetarian curries and north Indian dishes with all kinds of Indian breads. Westlands Road, Westland. Tel: +254 20 3755050

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Daas Ethiopian Restaurant  - Nairobi

Daas Ethiopian Restaurant

Daas Ethiopian Restaurant is immensely popular as a reasonable Ethiopian food specialty restaurant. The Ethiopian wine and coffee are special. Traditional Ethiopian entertainers perform everyday. Open from12 noon to 3 pm and from 8 to 11 pm. Credit cards are not accepted here. ...

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Dancing Spoon Café  - Nairobi

Dancing Spoon Café

Dancing Spoon Café serves African and international food. It is quick in service and very reasonable in pricing. The steaks are good here. Mama Ngina street, City centre. Tel: +254 20 227581

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Fiesta Restaurant and Bar  - Nairobi

Fiesta Restaurant and Bar

Fiesta Restaurant and Bar has international dishes on its menu giving authentic flavours to food in its varied choice. Service with a smile is the motto of the staff. The décor is bright and appealing. Koinage street, city centre. Tel : +254 20 240326

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