Nairobi National Park

On a visit to Nairobi, if one does not have the time for a Kenyan Safari, then a trip to this National Park will satisfy the urge to feel and see the wonders of the Safari. The Park is fenced on the Nairobi side but open from the other to allow all the game to come freely through it. It has trees, parks, water bodies, deep gorges and observation points, like the Impala point, from where one can see the Athi plains and on some days, even Mt. Kilimanjaro. It surrounds Nairobi and is a 114 kms large area.

One can see a variety of Kenyan wild life at the park. Rhinos, hippos, leopards, impalas, lions, cheetas, giraffes and many species of the deer family can be spotted. However there are no elephants at the National Park. The park has about 400 species of birds. There is also a Safari Walk where conservation efforts are talked about. There is an animal orphanage, where elephant calves and rhinos that have been rescued from poachers are brought in and looked after. President Moi’s famous burning of 60 tons of ivory tusks took place here. This act was a stern warning to poachers and brought world attention to the conservation act.

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