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Festivals in Nairobi - Kenya

Camel Derby - Nairobi

Camel Derby

The Camel Derby is celebrated in August with races and traditional dances and entertainment for all. Every August there is a big celebration at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. This Kenyan Music Festival involves students of schools and Universities from all over Kenya, who compete...

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Christmas - Nairobi


Christmas on 25th of December is a time where all streets are lit up. Here it is celebrated more with clubs and night spots livening up with major celebrations. Mass prayers are offered.  ...

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Eid ul Fitr  - Nairobi

Eid ul Fitr

Eid -ul- Fitr is celebrated by the sizable Muslim population depending on the sighting of the moon after the month of Ramadan. It is a national holiday. ...

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Good Friday and Easter Monday  - Nairobi

Good Friday and Easter Monday

Good Friday and Easter Monday are celebrated by the majority Christian population. Mass in Church and prayers are offered....

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Jamhuri Day - Nairobi

Jamhuri Day

Jamhuri Day is the Kenyan Independence Day celebrated on the 12th of December....

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Kenyan Safari Rally - Nairobi

Kenyan Safari Rally

Mid July is the time for the Kenyan Safari Rally. The two day rally ends in Nairobi. The race goes through tough terrains and through areas with a variety of wild life. At the same time there is a celebration at the Nairobi Race Course with a display of pre 1940 vehicles....

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Kenyan School and College Drama Festival - Nairobi

Kenyan School and College Drama Festival

The Kenyan School and College Drama Festival is a popular event and held on rotation in different cities across Kenya in the month of March as a culmination of regional competitions....

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Kenyatta Day - Nairobi

Kenyatta Day

Kenyatta Day on 20th October, named after the first President and founder, Jomo Kenyatta, is the day Kenyans honor the martyrs who died fighting for the Independence of the country....

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