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General Information About Nairobi - Kenya

Exchange Rates - Nairobi

Exchange Rates

Kenyan Shilling (KES) is the official currency of Kenya....

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Fast Facts - Nairobi

Fast Facts

Location:Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and located in the Central Highland region at a height of just under 6000 ft above sea level, 500Kms (300 miles) west of the Indian Ocean. It is just 138 kms (90 miles), south of the equator.
It is next to the eastern side of the rift valley....

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Nairobi History - Nairobi

Nairobi History

Till trains did not come into the area, Nairobi was just a little swamp land and a place for the Maasai people to quench their thirst enroute. Europeans colonizers had not shown any interest in it.  Under great pressure of civil wars and outbursts of diseases like cholera and chickenpox, the...

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Nairobi Residents - Nairobi

Nairobi Residents

People in urban Nairobi jostle between jobs and have to struggle for a living. There is a big divide between the rich and poor. There is hunger and poor sanitation for the city slum dwellers and the slums are increasing with the number of immigrants who hope to have a better life in the city. ...

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Nairobi Today - Nairobi

Nairobi Today

While Nairobi today is certainly not the small station depot it used to be, it cannot really be classed as a very big city. It is not a city one goes to visit just for the city itself. But this is the gateway to an immensely beautiful and adventurous country with unique features not available...

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Public Holidays - Nairobi

Public Holidays

There are a number of declared public holidays when businesses and banks are shut, but small shops, pubs and restaurants normally remain open.
They  are as follows
1st January            New Year Day

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Visa Information - Nairobi

Visa Information

Transit visa is required for many nationals. Please do confirm at the website of the embassy before traveling. The following nationals are exempt from a transit visa:·    Nationals of Schengen countries
·    Persons with a residence permit for a European...

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When to go - Nairobi

When to go

This is the perfect place for year round travel. Nairobi is at 5,449 feet or 1,661 meters above sea level. It has a very pleasant and moderate climate with temperatures never reaching too high or too low. Evenings can get pleasantly cool due to the altitude, in the winter months of June and July...

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