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Transportation - Getting Around in Almaty - Kazakhstan

Buses - Almaty


Government-owned buses, trolleybuses and trams run around the city till about 10pm. The normal fare for a ride around the city is 20 tenge. Public transport is currently undergroing privatization, and routes for evhicles may change quite rapidly over time.

Privately-owned vehicles...

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Car for hire - Almaty

Car for hire

1. Dimal Car Rental:  Address: 6 Rozybakiev Street 125/1 office 15, Pushkin Street 23 office 6, 050060, Almaty Phone: 8 (727) 275 11 73
Fax: 8 (727) 275 11 73
Email: da@dimal.kz
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Driving Tips - Almaty

Driving Tips

Navigating the city is pretty simple – most of the major streets are aligned parallel and perpendicular to each other. Therefore directions are usually given with reference to two street names, for example, drive along a major street like Furmanov, and turn left or right at a perpendicular...

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From the airport - Almaty

From the airport

Transfer facility is readily available at the airport in two ways:
i.    Taxis can be easily hailed if you are familiar with the city and know precisely where you want to go. A single cab for 1 to 3 people to any hotel within the city costs around 3500 KZT.
ii.    You may opt...

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Metro - Almaty


The metro system for Almaty was planned in 1981, and is still under development. Upon completion, it would be Central Asia’s second metro system. The first branch of the system will be launched on 31st December 2009.

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Taxis - Almaty


Taxis are a little expensive, but a quick and safe means of getting around the city.

There are two kinds of cabs running around the city. One has “taxi” printed on the side and a “taxi” sign mounted on the roof. These are quite safe, as they are registered with some kind of...

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