Silk Way City Mall

Address: Tole Bi Street, corner of Nauryzbai Batyr Street, Almaty
Phone: 2-7777-45 (Silk Way Group of Companies)

One of the largest, the most popular, and hence the most expensive malls in the city – even everyday objects like bottled water and canned food are a bit more expensive here than at any other stores around the city. But the Mall offers some unique, self-made foodstuff like bread and meat, and dairy products. It also has a considerable variety of fresh and frozen seafood, confectionaries, and alcoholic and fruit beverages.
The Mall boasts local designer outlets as well as international chain stores like Benetton and Zara. Fashion accessories include some of the city’s finest boots, jewelry, and cosmetics. Toys, magazines and sports goods from the country’s leading manufacturers are also on sale.
Some of the genuine – more reliable but more expensive – brands of home appliances and electronics like microwaves and radio sets are also available.
The Mall has multimedia stores where you can get some exclusive deals on DVDs and music CDs, and get new cell phone handsets and services (Dalacom, K-Mobile, K-Cell).
A drugstore is present that sells all authentic and licensed local drugs.
Branches of banks like the ATFB and National Bank would assist in currency exchange and credit withdrawals.
A number of different cafes and small bars are present to help you get that tired look off your face after a long day at the mall (CafeMax on the 2nd floor recommended – contains WiFi internet access at 500 KZT for every 100 minutes).
The Mall is open 24 hours a day.

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