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altBesides Tsum, some small souvenir shops that can be found around Almaty are:


Addresses: Promenade Shopping Mall

      Departure Hall at Almaty Airport


Address: Shevchenko Street, corner of Furmanov Street, Almaty

Kok Tobe Souvenir Shop:

Address: Kok Tobe Recreational Park, Green Hill, Medeuski, Almaty


Address: 115 Zheltoksan Street, corner of Tole Bi Street, Almaty


Address: 165 Furmanov Street, corner of Kurmangazy Street, Almaty

Handcrafted shoes, leather objects, traditional toys like houses and animals, decorative items, musical instruments like the dombra guitar and shan kobyz (Kazakh stringed instrument played by mouth), fur hats, scarves, and jackets, Kazakh chessboards, beautiful rugs and carpets in different sizes, shapes and colors, miniature sculptures of famous historical figures like the Golden Man and Abai Ibrahim – everything related to the history and culture of this beautiful city is displayed proudly at these and many other souvenir shops dotted around the city.

Furthermore, most of the museums around the city contain their own little souvenir shops right in the lobby or somewhere near the front entrance or rear exit – make sure to check out these little boxes of buried treasure and take back memories of a culturally enthralling trip with you.

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