Green Bazaar

Address: Zhibek Zholy, between Pushkin and Kaldayakov, Almaty Timings: Tuesdays to Sundays, 9 am to 8 pm
The Green Bazaar, also called the 'Zelyoni/Zelyony/Zeleny Bazaar' in Russian, is a popular, centrally located permanent flea market that brings together people and products from all around Asia, the Far East, and the world.
Much like any other Asian Bazaar right from the tales of Marco Polo and the imperial colonies, this bazaar sells the most exciting exotic delights – fresh fruit and vegetable produce on the lower level, and upstairs, nuts, dried fruit, spices, crops and dairy products, an assortment of meat from goats, yaks, cattle, horses, lambs, and just about any mammal and bird, honey – you name it, they have it!
The meat section, let’s just say, is not particularly aromatic – do not venture there unless you have a strong nose.
Even if you do not want to purchase anything, a casual visit to this place will reveal the ethnic diversity within such a modern, globalized city – the sounds, sights, smells, and the many-colored and many-textured faces, all with a different dialect, attitude, and sense of humor, will surely be a different kind of experience from all your intellectual tours within the city.
Beware of pickpockets on the prowl!

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