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alta.    Republican Palace of Schoolchildren: Address: 114 Dostyk, Almaty

Phone: + 7 (727) 264 2593

Timings; alternative Sundays every month from December to March, 10 am to 5 pm

The Central Asian Crafts Fair organized at the Republican Palace offers a range of beautifully painted and crafted objects at modest prices.

b.    Tengri Umay Gallery:

Address: 103 Panfilov, Almaty
Phone: + 7 (727) 258 1152
Timings: open Tuesdays to Sundays

Some of the specimens of modern art on display at the Tengri Umay art gallery are also up for sale. Prices are usually fixed, but if you know your way well with appreciating artists to the point that they feel selling you their work is an honor for them, you can get yourself a pretty good deal!


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