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What to do with kids in tow?

Apart from the engrossing experiences at the Medeu Rink, the Chimbulak Resort, the Gorky Park and the Koktyube mountainside entertainment zone, there are a few more activities around the city exclusive to children.

1.    Fantasy World:

Address: Abay Avenue, corner of Musrepov, Almaty

altA popular amusement park containing roller coasters, dodgem cars and other exciting rides for kids of all ages!

2.    Alamty International Women’s Club:

Email:  Abay Avenue, corner of Musrepov, Almaty

A family-oriented social club that involves women and children and caters to different age groups. Members are entitled to activities such as camping/outings, book clubs, games, language courses, handicrafts and photography, to name a few. Make use of it if you are in the city for a long stay period. A complete list and description of their activities can be found at 

3.    Kazakh Circus:

Address: 50 Abai Avenue, corner of Musrepov Boulevard, Abay Avenue, Almaty
Timings: open all year round 10 am to 8 pm

There’s never a place better than a circus to take the kids! This place will you’re your tos and teens entertained for hours as they marvel at the amazing traditional performances.
Horse and camel riding, and a shooting range are available for additional entertainment.

4.    Mega Center:

Address: Rozybakiev 247A, corner of Al-Farabi Avenue, Bostandyk district, Almaty
Phone:  8 (727) 232 25 04
8 (727) 232 25 05
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://almaty.megacenter.kz/eng/

A large, very popular shopping mall that contains activity zones where you can drop your kids off on a day out shopping. Kids can enjoy ice skating at the mall’s own rink, visit the bowling alley, or enjoy rides at the small amusement park.


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