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Places To Visit in Almaty - Kazakhstan

Abai’s Theater - Almaty

Abai’s Theater

Address: 110 Kabanbai Batyr Street, corner of Panfilov Street, Almaty
Phone:  +7(727) 272 7934
+7(727) 2722042
Timings: shows are held several times during the week, depending on the season. Call in advance to find out the show timings, or visit to view the complete schedule...

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Academy of Sciences - Almaty

Academy of Sciences

Address: Shevchenko Street, Almaty
The Academy of Sciences is a prominent educational institution in the country, and operates a few museums in the city. Two museums you would want to check out are the Museum of Archaeology and the Geological Museum.

When you face the Academy...

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Almaty City History Museum & Museum of Repression - Almaty

Almaty City History Museum & Museum of Repression

Address: 108 Nausyrbaj Batyra, Almaty
Phone: + 7 (3272) 61 73 01

This museum gives a haunting walkthrough of the periods of civilian oppression and unrest during various eras – the Civil War, Famine, Terrorism, Revolts and Protests, and other acts of...

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Alpine Park on the Road to Chimbulak - Almaty

Alpine Park on the Road to Chimbulak

 Address: along the same road as Medeu Ice Rink, Dam, and Chimbulak.
Large, sprawling park, which contains quite a number of apple trees in addition to its towering alpine cones. Pleasant stop, especially if you catch a light drizzle.


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Arasan Baths - Almaty

Arasan Baths

Address: intersection of Kunaev and Ayteke Bi Streets, opposite Panfilov Park, Almaty
Phone:  + 7 (727) 272 4018
Timings: Tuesdays to Sundays 8 am to 10 pm
Tickets: 480 KZT for every two-hour session

Housed within a large, imposing, five-storied structure with a...

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Central Gorky Park - Almaty

Central Gorky Park

Address: Eastern end of Gogol Street, Almaty Phone:  + 7 (727) 91 37 19  Timings: 10 am to 5 pm, all days of the week Tickets: 20 KZT
Go straight all the way east (walk, drive, or take the bus – bus # 65, 94, & 166, and trolleybus...

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Central Mosque Almaty - Almaty

Central Mosque Almaty

Address: Central Mosque, Medeu District, Almaty
The large turquoise-blue dome visible from quite a distance beckons the faithful to prayer five times a day. As you get closer, you will begin to notice how refreshingly different the white marble mosque looks from all the grey Soviet-style...

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Central State Museum - Almaty

Central State Museum

Address: Central State Museum, 44 Furmanov, Almaty
Phone:  +7 (3272) 642 200, +7 (3272) 642 390
Email: csmrk@hn.freenet.kz
Website: http://www.unesco.kz/heritagenet/kz/hn-english/csmrk/engl/index_en.htm
Timings: Wednesdays to Mondays 10 am to 6 pm

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