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International Art Festival

altVenue: Tenry-Umay Art Gallery, Lermontov Academic Drama Theatre, Almaty.
Tengri-Umay, one of the city’s major art galleries, holds regular exhibitions of artwork from time to time and is a very happening place all year round for students, intellectuals, and the creators, collectors, and admirers of art. The items on display are usually also up for sale, and range from local to international tastes in culture, history, and just about any random expressionist art piece.
The gallery also holds cultural events, concerts, programs for children, and, every couple of years, the popular “International Art Festival”. This festival attracts substantial gatherings of artists and audience from around the Central Asian states, including Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan, as well as Germany, Russia, and the UK. Pieces on display tell stories from around these lands – the history, the impact of religious struggle in these lands, and the present, very modern scenario, all captured in artistic masterpieces. 

Besides these limited festivals, some of the city’s major museums and theatres hold regular, individual shows, but these do not follow set annual cycles. There is a wild chance that you may be lucky to catch a good show at the time you visit.


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