Visa Information

All foreign residents require a business or tourist visa to enter into Kazakhstan.
To gain a visa before arrival, apply to the Kazakhstan foreign mission/embassy/consulate in your region.

The general documents required for the visa to be issued are:
1.    Photocopy of first two pages of current valid passport or travel document
2.    Copy of visa invitation letter issued by Kazakh embassy or police (upon arrival)
3.    Completed visa application
4.    One recent passport sized photo
5.    Visa fee (payable when visa is collected)
6.    In case of transit visa for 5 days or less, copy of the visa and ticket of destination country

Visas are generally issued within a week from the day you present all requested documents. Documents are only accepted with a visa support letter from the Diplomatic-consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (a mission in your home country).

The types of visa to Kazakhstan include diplomatic, permanent residency, travel, transit (5 days or less), and study visas to name a few. For more information regarding the visa process and types of Kazakhstan visas issued please visit:

For requirements and general help on filling out the visa application, please view: