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General Information About Almaty - Kazakhstan

Almaty History - Almaty

Almaty History

Almaty is one of the few ancient cities of the world. The region in which this city lies was inhabited as early as during the Bronze Age, at around 1000 – 900 BC. This was a time of livestock rearing and farming mainly, and these skills were passed down traditionally over the centuries to...

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Almaty Residents - Almaty

Almaty Residents

A major portion of the population is Sunni Muslim. You will find people who are friendly to talk to, willing to help you out even if you are weak on the local language. English is usually not commonly understood, but the residents help you along if you use bodily sign language and creative sounds...

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Almaty Today - Almaty

Almaty Today

Almaty today is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a current population of 1.3 million people. The city was initially called Alma-ata, from 1921 to 1993. It enjoyed the status of capital of the Kazakh ASSR (Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) from 1929 onwards, and later the capital of...

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Annual Temperatures - Almaty

Annual Temperatures

a- JanuaryHigh
-2 C° (32 F°)
-9.6 C° (15 F°)
b- FebruaryHigh
1.4 C° (35 F°)
-8.4 ° (17 F°)
 c- MarchHigh
7 C° (45 F°)
-2.6 C° (27 F°)Read More

Exchange Rates - Almaty

Exchange Rates

The currency used is the Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT).


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Fast Facts - Almaty

Fast Facts

Location: Kazakhstan, Central Asia

Dialing code: 00-7-727 *followed by desired number*

Emergency numbers:
Fire Brigade 01
Police 02
Ambulance 03
Gas Service 04

Emergency and Rescue Service 051
Ambulance Enquiry 2798255,...

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Public Holidays - Almaty

Public Holidays

New Year Holidays - 1-2 January
International Women’s Day - 8 March
Nauryz Meiramy (Spring Festival Celebration) - 22 March
Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan - 1 May
Victory Day - 9 May
Constitution Day - 30 August
Republic Day - 25 OctoberRead More

Visa Information - Almaty

Visa Information

All foreign residents require a business or tourist visa to enter into Kazakhstan.
To gain a visa before arrival, apply to the Kazakhstan foreign mission/embassy/consulate in your region.

The general documents required for the visa to be issued are:
1.    Photocopy...

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