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Transportation - Getting Around in Amman - Jordan

Bus - Amman


Public transport in Amman leaves something to be desired.  It has not kept up with the city's explosive growth in recent years.  The only option besides taxis is the bus.  The bus system has a lot of coverage – there are several hundred buses, many of which were purchased in the...

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Car Rental - Amman

Car Rental

It's definitely easier and cheaper to rely on taxis to get around, but if you need to rent a car, there are many reputable car rental companies in the city and at Queen Alia International Airport.

One of the best values, it offers insurance up to...

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Driving Tips - Amman

Driving Tips

Once again, taxis are cheap and convenient and driving on your own is not recommended.  But if you do insist, be careful.  Drivers in Jordan are not bound by the rules of the road.  Lanes are only recommendations here and the winding streets are difficult to navigate.  Traffic...

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From the Airport - Amman

From the Airport

Queen Alia International Airport is located 32km south of Amman.  There are two main ways to get from the airport to Amman: taxi and shuttle.  A taxi will set you back  at least JD20, but will take you wherever you want to go.  Shuttle buses leave for Abdali Bus Station every...

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Metro - Amman


Amman's modern and extensive Metro is by far the best way to get around the city.   Just kidding!  There is no Metro, though there are plans for one in the future.  ...

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Taxi - Amman


Taxis are the easiest and most convenient way to get around Amman.  They're ubiquitous and cheap.  A trip clear across the city shouldn't cost more than 3-5JD, and most trips will cost less than 2JD.  The base price is .250JD – always remember that there are 1000 fils in 1JD. ...

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