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Restaurants in Amman - Jordan

Al Quds - Amman

Al Quds

Price range: less than $10   
It is not a place to spend all evening, rather come and eat, the prices very reasonable, the food is good.

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Fakhr El-Din  - Amman

Fakhr El-Din

Cuisine: Lebanese
Price range: $20-$30
Address: Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle
Tel: +962 6 4652399 / 4641789   Fakhr El-Din is one of the most popular restaurants in Amman. It is an old house converted into one of the classiest Lebanese restaurants. It is popular amongst royalty,...

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Hashim - Amman


Price range: less than $10   
Hashim restaurant is popular with locals for its falafel, hummus and ful. Great value for money, as everything is fresh, tastes good and is very cheap.   ...

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Indochine Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Amman - Amman

Indochine Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Amman

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Price range: $15-$50
Address: Hussein Bin Ali St., Amman 11183, Jordan
Tel: + 962 6 465 1234
Experience a touch of historical romance at Indochine. The restaurant captures the 1930s colonial Vietnam with its atmosphere. The open theatre kitchen...

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Kan Zaman  - Amman

Kan Zaman

Address: Yadoudeh, Airport Road
Tel: +962 6 4128393
An impressive old castle from the 19th century on a hilltop converted to a beautiful restaurant. The restaurant offers local and International dishes. ...

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La Cuccina  - Amman

La Cuccina

Cuisine: Italian
Price range: $25-$100
Address: Abdoun

La Cuccina is a popular place. It might be pricey but it is worth it, as it is serves delicious Italian food. It also has a nice outdoor garden. ...

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Reem Al Bawadi - Amman

Reem Al Bawadi

Address: Al-Madeenah Al-Munawarah Street, 8th Circle
Tel: +962 6 5343733

A traditional Arabic restaurant in a conventional Arabic setting that has a summer time Bedouin tent area.


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Romero restaurant  - Amman

Romero restaurant

Cuisine: Italian
Price range: $11-$20 
Tel: +962 6 4644227
Address: Jabal Amman, near 3rd Circle and Intercontinental Hotel
Website: http://www.romero-jordan.com

At Romero, you are guaranteed to have the best Italian food in Amman.


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