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alt In an alternate universe, Salt is the capital of Amman.  It was the region's capital under the Ottomans and was slated to be the capital of British Transjordan before a disagreement precipitated the move to Amman.  Today it is a charming and ancient town 30km northwest of the capital.  The area is littered with Roman ruins and the town's citadel dates from the early thirteenth century.

Though it has been settled for much longer, most of Salt's architecture dates from the Ottoman period.  There's a small museum detailing the area's history and archaeology.  Beit Muasher and Beit Mismar are grand Ottoman villas.  In addition to Salt's heritage, the neighboring Wadi Al Shu'aib has excellent hiking trails and spelunking caves for the outdoorsy.  It's one of greater Amman's best outdoor spots.

Salt is just a short bus or taxi ride from Amman.  It's a great place to spend an afternoon, exploring the serpentine streets and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.  The people are very friendly as well.

Location: 30km northwest of Amman

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