Royal Automobile Museum

As you may have noticed, Jordan is a car culture.  It's no secret that Jordan's King Abdullah II is a car lover.  So was his father.  The Royal Automobile Museum displays the car collection of the royal family.  Middle Eastern royalty might conjure images of gleaming Lamborghinis and other exotic super-cars, but the collection here is actually pretty diverse.

Nearly all the cars on display are more than ten years old, which makes sense since the royal family has to drive around in something.  There's a replica of the first Mercedes ever produced, and of Lawrence of Arabia's Rolls Royce.  Before becoming king, Abdullah II dabbled in rally racing.  His championship winning Opel  Manta is on display.  They're clearly partial to German cars -- there are lots of Porsches, Mercedes, and BMWs.

The museum is pretty small, but the exhibits are interesting.  There's a lot of information on each display, giving them context.  It won't take long to get through, but it's definitely worth your time.

Location: King Hussein Park
Telephone: +962 6 541 1392
Hours: Open daily 10:00-19:00, closed Tuesdays.
Admission (non-residents):
5.00JD Audio Guide
3.00JD Without Audio Guide
1.00JD Children (<12)

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