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Rainbow Street

ImageRainbow Street was transformed in 2007 to make it a heritage attraction point.  It's a great place to get a feel for the culture of modern Amman.  The street is named for the old Rainbow Cinema (which is no longer open).  It was repaved in cobblestone to slow traffic, making it safer for pedestrians and enhancing the atmosphere.

Rainbow Street is lined with boutiques, art galleries, theaters, and antique shops.  It is also home to many cafes and restaurants.  Books@Cafe is both the city's best bookstore and a hip pub.  It may be a little expensive, but it has some of the best western food in the city.  Down the street, Falafel Al Quds serves up what many believe is the world's best falafel.  Rainbow Street also is a center of Amman's nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs.

Location: Jebel Amman, near the First Circle

Address: Omar Ibn Al Khattab Street, #12 First Circle
Telephone: +962 6 465 0457

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