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Festivals in Amman - Jordan

Amman International Theatre Festival  - Amman

Amman International Theatre Festival

This festival includes performances from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Swiss, Italy, Palestine, Jordan, Sweden, and Turkey in both English and Arabic.
http://www.alfawanees.com/ ...

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Amman Summer Festival  - Amman

Amman Summer Festival

Offers free entertainment activities and programs for the local community as well as tourists, with the participation of musicians and dancers from local bands, in addition to bands from Arab and European countries.

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Dead Sea Ultra Marathon - Amman

Dead Sea Ultra Marathon

The marathon is a fund raising event held annually, from Amman to the Dead Sea.
www.deadseamarathon.com ...

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Global Village - Amman

Global Village

Live a great experience of cultures at this annual carnival that takes place between July and August in Amman. The carnival includes country pavilions, fun fair, main theatre, and food court.
http://globalvillagejo.com/ ...

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Jordan Festival - Amman

Jordan Festival

A cultural festival that includes expressions of creativity and talent such as singing, music, theatre performance, visual art, poetry, folklore performances and handicrafts.

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Jordan Short Film Festival - Amman

Jordan Short Film Festival

An annual showcase of the best in short films internationally. The festival aims at promoting artistic freedom of expression and intercultural understanding.
www.jordanfilmfestival.com ...

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