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Transportation - Getting Around in Tokyo - Japan

Buses - Tokyo


Using buses in Tokyo can be tedious at times. Bus routes are difficult to grasp, moreover these are often not printed in English. The bus drivers too are not always well-versed in English. However, buses indicate what the end destination is; the fare can be paid once the bus is boarded, to get off...

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Car for hire  - Tokyo

Car for hire

Renting a car in Tokyo is not advisable. First of all it is extremely expensive costing anywhere between 6000 and 15000 JPY per day. Furthermore, traffic jams are commonplace; reaching destinations will be time consuming. Thirdly, Tokyo’s public transport is superb; it is better and quicker to...

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Driving Tips - Tokyo

Driving Tips

Driving yourself around in Tokyo is not advisable. It is difficult to understand which street is which, since they often do not have names but rather numbers assigned to them. Traffic jams are also commonplace. Tourists require an international driving permit as well as a translation of driving...

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From the airport - Tokyo

From the airport

Narita International Airport is located on the outskirts of Tokyo about 60 kilometers away. Tourists can go via JR Narita Express on an hour long train journey to Tokyo station. This ride costs about 3000 JPY. Alternatively tourists can go to Tokyo station via the JR Airport Narita Line which takes...

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Metro - Tokyo


The subway system in Tokyo is world famous for its efficiency. This is a popular mode of travelling in Tokyo amongst locals and tourists alike. The letter “M” indicates stations located nearby. Tickets can be bought at the stations where vending machines are numerous. The 13 lines are opearted...

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Taxi - Tokyo


Taxis are plentiful, dotting every corner of the city, however, the fares are terribly expensive. Taxis can be hailed outside hotels;at any roadside. If the green light is flashing above the taxi; it indicates that it is occupied. Passengers can hail those with red lights flickering above them...

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Train - Tokyo


Trains in Tokyo are operated by East Japan Railways. There are a number of lines covering the city of Tokyo. These include the Yamanote, Chuo, Sobu lines among others. Similar to the Metro, these lines correspond to different colors: green, orange and yellow respectively. Tickets can be bought...

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