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Edo-Tokyo Museum

ImageThis museum showcases the evolution of the city of Tokyo through the ages; in particular from 1590- 1964 spanning almost four centuries from the era in which Tokyo was made the capital by the Shogun to when the Olympics were held in this amazing city. The history, geography, culture and social life of the city are showcased here. Edo literally means Old Tokyo and the Museum shows how the city as it is today radiated from the nucleus that was Old Tokyo. The Nihombashi Bridge which connects the old and new parts of the city and a model of this very bridge is presented in the museum. Exhibits educated visitors as to how the different strata of Japanese society- the Shoguns, Merchant class, feudal lords and the common people lived. Others showcase the great earthquake of 1923 and its aftermath, yet others showcase the air raids during WWII. This museum makes for a very interesting afternoon indeed.  
Timings: Tues- Sun 9 30 A.M- 5 30 P.M

Admission: Adults: Y600; Students: Y480; Senior Citizens: Y300; Children: Free
Address: 1-4-1 Yokoami
Tel: 03-3626-9974
Website: www.edo-tokyo-museum.jp  


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