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My Tokyo Guide

ImageAddress: 203 Jindaiji Heights, 3-15-4 Jindaiji Higashi Machi
Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Tel: 81-50-3682-1141
Website: www.mytokyoguide.com 
The half day tour of Tokyo lasts about four hours and takes visitors to the Tokyo Metropolitan Observatory, Meiji Shinto Shrine, Imperial Palace, Asakusa for shopping and to the Sensoji Temple. The guide speaks English. The Tokyo Spectacular tour lasts one whole day about seven hours. Tourists are taken to Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower, Hamarikyu Gardens, Sumida River cruise and Asakusa for shopping and to visit the Sensoji Temple. The Tokyo Edo Romance tour also lasting a day takes guests to the Tokyo metropolitan Observatory, Happo-en Edo Romance gardens and Edo-Tokyo Museum.  


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