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Expensive Shopping Information

ImageThere are countless attractive shops in Venice and several vendors of trademark Venetian wares such as glass and lace. Whether these goods are genuine is debatable but they are often pleasing to the eye. For those who are willing to pay the high price, there are jewelers, antiques dealers, and high-fashion boutiques with world-class quality and at the same time bearing a uniquely Venetian flair. There craft and art studios around Venice where high-quality, one-of-a-kind articles, from handmade shoes to decorative lamps and mirrors are available. One should mark the location of a shop that interests you on your map or you might not be able to find it again in the network of tiny streets.

Regular store hours: 9-12:30pm and 3:30 or 4-7:30pm
Some stores are closed Saturday afternoon or Monday morning
Food shops: open 8-1 pm and 5-7:30pm
Closed Wednesday afternoon and Sunday
Tourist-oriented shops: open all day, no holidays


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