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Restaurants in Venice - Italy

Ai 4 Feri - Venice

Ai 4 Feri

This charming little restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere with paper tablecloths and comfortable lounge chairs. The menu changes daily to incorporate fresh ingredients. The chef creates very unusual combinations of ingredients to make very tasty dishes like herring and sweet peppers, salmon and...

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Al Paradiso  - Venice

Al Paradiso

The owner of this eatery, Giordano welcomes all diners personally and makes sure their needs are catered to. Operating in a small dining room with a cheerful and simple décor this place is always busy so a reservation is essential. The food here is exceptionally good and the chef is creative and...

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Alla Basilica - Venice

Alla Basilica

A new restaurant located right behind St. Mark's and the Ducal Palace, serves low cost food. A complete 3 course meal will set you back €13. The menu is not extensive and not very vegetarian friendly. This place is very popular with tourists and pilgrims. This eatery is perhaps the cheapest in...

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Alla Vedova  - Venice

Alla Vedova

This is a very old restaurant with a very warm and friendly atmosphere. It is also known as Trattoria Ca' d'Oro. The décor is very classy with a Venetian terrazzo floor, old marble counter, and country style furnishings. The food and service is very genuinely Italian. The specialties include...

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Anice Stellato - Venice

Anice Stellato

A family run eatery located on a fondamente or a canal-side street of Cannaregio has a great romantic ambience and reasonably priced superb food. The place has an interesting architecture with narrow columns dividing the dining room into different sections. In addition to traditional Venetian...

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Antiche Carampane  - Venice

Antiche Carampane

This restaurant serves most of the classic fish dishes Venice is known for. These include mixed seafood antipasto to fish soups, pasta, and fish grilled to perfection. New additions like seafood and fruit salads for starters and entrées like turbot with citrus sauce are also very popular. Desserts...

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Antico Martini - Venice

Antico Martini

This restaurant was initially a café when it was initiated way back in 1720. Owned by the Baldi family, they have maintained the restaurant as a vivacious and cheerful eatery especially at the outdoor tables in summertime. Their most famous dishes include risotto di frutti di mare and fegato alla...

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Avogaria  - Venice


Avogaria is one of the most modern and fashionable restaurants of Venice. The food and the architecture and décor are very contemporary. The décor of the dining room and the garden is simple yet very elegant. The predominant cuisine here is Pugliese, a region in the south of Italy. Most in demand...

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