What to do with children in tow

A gondola ride would a very enjoyable experience for a child or adult. This might be a little expensive so one should consider the convenient and less expensive option which is a ride on the no. 1 vaporetto. Both rides offer entirely different experiences.  The gondola takes you on a journey where one gets to see some unique buildings like view Marco Polo's house. On the other hand, the vaporetto provides a practical yet beautiful ride down the Grand Canal. One can find here boats of various kinds and services like the ambulance boat, the garbage boat, the firefighters' boat, the funeral boat, and even a delivery boat of Coca-Cola. Sometimes, also visible are special gondolas filled with flowers carrying a blissful bride and groom.
Feeding the pigeons in Piazza San Marco could be the highlight of a child’s visit to Venice. Be sure to buy a bag of corn and you'll be draped surrounded by pigeons within seconds. This is also a great photo opportunity. Warn your child of the all the fluttering and flapping.
An excursion to the Murano Island could provide a lot of recreation along with education. Ask around for a furnace, or the glass factory. Free entertainment would be provided to children in the form of a glass-blowing performance of the island's thousand-year-old art.
Another breathtaking sight is that from top of the Campanile di San Marco (the highest structure in the city).One can take the elevator there for a pigeon's-eye view of Venice's rooftops and church cupolas, or view the four bronze horses on the portico of the Basilica San Marco. This view from its outdoor terrace will be retained in one memory for years to come.
For older children, the Museo Navale & Arsenale, (Museum of Venetian Navy) has on display ship models and old vessels. The Museo Civico Correr (Correr Civic Museum), also displays many historic artifacts which are substantial remnants of Venice’s glorious times.
Children can also be kept away from mischief by involving them in a competition to count how many times they can spot the winged lion, which is a kind of symbol of Italy. It is also known to have been a lucky mascot for St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice, thus its popularity. You will see it on numerous things from T-shirts to napkins on buildings facades, on columns, doorways, as pavement mosaics, on the local flag and government stamps.  

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