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Ca' d'Oro

ImageLocated along the Grand Canal, this beautiful Gothic palace was constructed in 1434 by Marino Contarini for his wife. To express his love for his wife, he literally created a "Golden House" as the palaces marble traceries and ornaments were embellished with pure gold. Ca' d'Oro palace again became a gift of love when a 19th-century Russian prince presented it to Maria Taglioni, a famous classical dancer. The last owner left the palace to the city of Venice, after having had it restored and decorated with antiquities, sculptures, and paintings that presently form the Galleria Franchetti. Besides the famous work ‘St. Sebastian’ by Andrea Mantegna and other classic Venetian art, the Galleria Franchetti contains the type of fresco that long ago existed on the exteriors several Venice buildings.
Address: Calle Ca' d'Oro, Cannaregio 3933, Venice
Phone: 041/5222349
Cost: EUR 6 includes Museo Orientale, EUR 11 includes Gallerie dell'Accademia and Museo Orientale
Open: Tues.-Sun. 8:15-7, Mon. 8:15-2; last entry ½ hr before closing

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