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Ca' Rezzonico (Museo del '700 Veneziano; Museum of 18th-Century Venice)

ImageCa' Rezzonico is a beautiful palace on the Grand Canal and is most famous for being the final home of English poet Robert Browning, after the death of his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It was reopened in 2001 after a complete restoration. This museum shows the general public the lifestyle in a luxurious Venetian home in the concluding years of the Venetian Republic. Initiated by Baldassare Longhena, the 17th-century architect of La Salute Church, the Rezzonico palace is an extravagant setting for this collection of period paintings, notably works by Venetian artists Tiepolo and Guardi, and a special room dedicated to several works by Longhi, furniture, tapestries, and artifacts. This museum best depicts the occasionally flippant lifestyle of the Venetians. The likes and fashions preferred by the wealthy Rezzonico family of merchants, especially the generously frescoed ballroom stirs up images of the lifestyle of the idle Venetian rich 200 years ago.
Hours: Wed-Mon 10am-6pm
Location: Dorsoduro (on the Grand Canal on Fondamenta Rezzonico)
Phone: 041-241-0100, 041-520-4036
Prices: Admission 6.50€ ($8.50) adults, 4.50€ ($5.85) students


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