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Organized Tours in Venice - Italy

Boat Tours  - Venice

Boat Tours

Venice Walks & Tours
Tel: (041) 520 8616
This company offers a boat tour of the Grand Canal. This 70 minute tour includes refreshments as passengers go down some lesser-known canals in a luxurious motor launch. The tour takes per ride, a minimum of five and...

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Venice Tours - Venice

Venice Tours

Many efficient travel agencies display posters of half- and full-day walking tours of the city's main attractions or sights. Some of these tours are part of those organized by American Express and should cost approximately 21€ ($27) for a 2-hour tour and 34€ ($44) for a full day tour for each...

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Walking Tours - Venice

Walking Tours

Walks Inside Venice
Tel: (041) 524 1706
Comprehensive English-speaking tours around the city are organized by this company which also caters for small groups of up to 12 people and charges by the hour (most tours are three hours long). Sights include...

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