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Foresteria Valdese (Palazzo Cavagnis)

ImageThis 16th century palace converted into a hotel is a little worn out but retains its beauty and elegance. The various types of accommodations available here are simple yet charming. This palace also once served as a foresteria ie a religious institution that traditionally provides lodging for pilgrims and guests. The Valdese was also associated with Italy's Waldesian and Methodist churches, so even now sometimes its large dormitory-style rooms are filled with visiting church groups. Everyone is warmly welcomed here and one can find international visitors belonging to various religions.  
All rooms have a balcony that offers views of a quiet canal. The 18th-century frescoes that adorn the high ceilings in some of the rooms are by the same artist who decorated the Correr Civic Museum. These rooms also cost a little more. For families, the two apartments, complete with kitchen facilities, are the best low cost choices in Venice. Guests staying in private rooms or apartments are required to stay at least 2 nights; those staying in dormitories can stay for a night only. Also, the hotel closes for 2 weeks in November. The entire hotel is nonsmoking.
Address: Castello 5170
Phone 041-528-6797


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