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Ca' Angeli

ImageThis elegant and expensive B&B is located on the third and top floors of a palace that stands on the banks of the Grand Canal. It was formerly the residence of an architect and has been converted. It has a homely feel but at the same time it is exquisitely decorated with classic furniture including an 18th-century briarwood bureau, an original icon, as well as 18th- and 19th-century art. Either the Grand canal or a side canals provide picturesque views from the five rooms and two suites. There's also an attic apartment which could be suitable for groups or small families. Guests are served a sumptuous breakfast of cheeses and meats from local producers in a salon overlooking the Grand Canal.
Address: Calle del Traghetto della Madoneta, San Polo 1434, Venice, 30125
Phone: 041/5232480


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