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Hotels in Venice - Italy

3749 Ponte Chiodo - Venice

3749 Ponte Chiodo

3749 Ponte Chiodo is the name of the bridge one has to cross to get to this family-owned B&B. This is how it got its name. It is located near the Ca' d'Oro vaporetto, which is very convenient for commuting. The six rooms here offer views of the bridge, the canals and the surrounding gardens. The...

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Acca Hotel - Venice

Acca Hotel

This newly constructed hotel has 8 rooms and 1 suite. The rooms are cheerful and comfortable, providing guests a safe, refrigerator and Wi Fi system. The staff is attentive but they leave in the evening after handing over the keys to the guests. The hotel is conveniently located. In pleasant...

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Art Academy - Venice

Art Academy

This small but beautiful B&B is located in the centre of Venice, next to the Accademia Galleria, where one can admire masterpieces by famous Venetian artists such as Tintoretto, Giorgione, Guadi and Carpaccio. It is also in close proximity to St Mark’s Square, Palazzo Grassi and the Peggy...

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Bauer Il Palazzo  - Venice

Bauer Il Palazzo

Situated in a busy area of the city, the Il Palazzo is an extremely luxurious hotel. The management is excellent at pampering the guests and making them feel comfortable. The hotel is grand in its décor with high ceilings, Murano glass, marble bathrooms, and damask drapes. The 44 rooms and 38...

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Ca' Angeli  - Venice

Ca' Angeli

This elegant and expensive B&B is located on the third and top floors of a palace that stands on the banks of the Grand Canal. It was formerly the residence of an architect and has been converted. It has a homely feel but at the same time it is exquisitely decorated with classic furniture including...

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Ca' dei Dogi  - Venice

Ca' dei Dogi

Owners Stefano and Susanna have turned a 15th century palace into a delightful little hotel located in a peaceful courtyard away from the noise of the city. The owners have personally decorated the rooms, some of which have private terraces with modern furniture and added traditional Venetian...

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Ca' Formenta  - Venice

Ca' Formenta

Located in a residential part of the city, this 15th century hotel offers high-quality services and a canal-side entrance for guests arriving by water taxi. The front rooms boast a splendid view of the lagoon. From one of the back rooms one can get access to a pleasant rooftop terrace with...

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Ca' San Marcuola  - Venice

Ca' San Marcuola

This warm and inviting family-owned hotel is located in a busy commercial area surrounded by shops, popular bars and trattorias (informal restaurants). The hotel’s 12 rooms have comfortable furnishings in light colors which are soothing to the eyes. The rooms are also full of light and the...

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