Regata Storica

Yet another festival celebrated on water in this city of canals, is the Regata Storica. It takes place on the waters of the Grand Canal on the first Sunday in September.  Venetians started holding this festival way back in 1315 with the Doge Giovanni Soranzo to celebrate the glory of the Serenissima. Through the festival, sometimes foreign dignitaries visiting the city were honoured and at other times a military victory was celebrated. The festivities are divided into two parts the Historical Procession and the 'Regatta' races. Hundreds of gondolas, opulently decorated for the occasion and piloted by gondolieri in colorful uniform, participate in the opening procession, which is followed by three regattas (races) along the Grand Canal. Grandstand tickets can be bought through the tourist office or one could arrive early to find a piece of embankment near the Rialto Bridge for the best seats.

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