Visa Information

When entering Italy, all foreigners must carry documentation to validate the reasons and duration of their stay. For residents of most countries a visa is required, it can be applied for at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations of the country of residence.

It is important to note for foreigners that even if you are carrying your visa, the border authorities in Italy are authorised to check the documentation required for obtaining the visa itself. Simultaneouly with the issuance of a visa, foreigners are given a written statement by the diplomatic or consular authority explaining the rights and obligations associated with entering and staying in Italy, keeping in consideration the procedures undertaken for requesting a "Permesso di soggiorno" (permission to stay) or the issuance of a "Dichiarazione di presenza" (statement of presence).

Fees for the processing of visa applications (in Euro):

Single fee for all Schengen visas:
€ 60
Group visas (types A, B and C)
€ 60 + 1 per persona
National visas for long-term stays (type D)
€ 75
Availability of means of subsistence
Upon entering Italy or the Schengen Area, a foreigner must be carrying adequate finances to last the duration of the visit. According to Common Consular Instructions the availability of means of subsistence is one of the most important conditions when entering the Schengen Area.
According to rules, foreigners are required to show that they possess means of subsistence in the form of cash, bank guarantees, insurance policy guarantees or equivalent credit instruments, vouchers for prepaid services or other documents demonstrating access to sources of income in Italy. If the mentioned instrument do not satisfy, the foreigner might be required to show the presence of accommodation within Italy and the availability of funds for leaving, this could be in the form of a prepaid return travel ticket.

Table for establishing the means of subsistence required for admission to Italy.
(for business, medical treatment - and an accompanying person in this case - sports competition, or for religious reasons, for transit, transport or tourism)
 Length of stay                               One member        Two or more members
1-5 days: overall fixed amount
 € 269,60            
 € 212,81                   
6-10 days: per persons/day
 € 44,93
 € 26,33
11-20 days: overall fixed amount
 € 51,64
 € 25,82
Daily amount per person
 € 36,67
 € 22,21
Above 20 days: fixed amount:
 € 206,58
 € 118,79
Daily amount per person
 € 27,89
 € 17,04

UAE Specific
There are individual and group visas that can be issued for UAE nationals. The document must be expressly and formally recognized by Italy. Group visas cannot exceed 30 days.
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