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General Information About Venice - Italy

Exchange Rates - Venice

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}  The currency used in Italy is the Euro (EUR).

The current conversion rate is:
1 Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham = 0.18492 Euro
1 Euro (EUR) = 5.40770 Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham (AED)
Euro (EUR; symbol €) = 100 cents. Notes are...

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Fast Facts - Venice

Fast Facts

Northern Italy, the capital of the region Veneto
Local City Name: Venezia
Area: 412 km2 (159.1 sq mi)
Population: : 271,252
Density: 658/km² (1,704/sq mi)
Dialing code: 041
Postal code 30100
Currency: Euro (€)
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Public Holidays  - Venice

Public Holidays

1 Jan New Year's Day.
6 Jan Epiphany.
5 Apr Easter Monday.
25 Apr Liberation Day.
1 May Labour Day.
2 Jun Anniversary of the Republic.
15 Aug Assumption.
1 Nov All Saints' Day.
8 Dec Immaculate Conception.
25 Dec Christmas...

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Venice History - Venice

Venice History

The first settlers of Venice arrived on the islands during the A.D. 400s to escape barbarians who were invading Italy from northern Europe. Fishing and trading was the basis of early Venetian economy and they traveled along the Adriatic coasts in search of new  markets. By the 800s, Venice was...

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Venice Residents - Venice

Venice Residents

The people of Venice are continually affected by the water that surrounds them. The water influences their food and housing as well as their mode of transport. For example seafood is the main course of a typical Venetian meal. Houses and other buildings do not stand on solid ground but on wooden...

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Venice today - Venice

Venice today

Venice is a celebrated city and very rightly so. It is very romantic because of its breathtaking canals and palaces. A cruise down the Grand Canal will very likely be one of life's most unforgettable experiences. On a practical note, the city forms a governmental unit of Italy called a commune. The...

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Visa Information - Venice

Visa Information

When entering Italy, all foreigners must carry documentation to validate the reasons and duration of their stay. For residents of most countries a visa is required, it can be applied for at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations of the country of residence.

It is...

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When to go - Venice

When to go

Venice gets very good weather in May, June, September, and early October. The weather is hot in July and August and at times unbearably so. April and late October/early November can be unpredictable because it could rain, be sunny, cool, or damp. The number of visitors is a little less than usual...

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