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Restaurants in Rome - Italy

 Il Matriciano  - Rome

Il Matriciano

Il Matriciano is a family restaurant conveniently located near St. Peter's. Traditional Roman dishes are served here. Some of the regular dishes are spaghetti with clams, gnocchi with gorgonzola, pasta and beans and fresh fish. There is also a wide choice of wines. This...

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Bombay - Rome


Away from home and missing all the favorite dishes available in your homeland? This Indian restaurant, located next to the Piazza Re di Roma won't let you feel homesick for a moment. The ambience created complements the classic Indian theme in such a way that it enhances the...

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Checchino dal 1887 - Rome

Checchino dal 1887

It is an old Roman eatery serving traditional Roman specialties. The dining room is beautiful and comfortable and the service is excellent with most of the waiters who can understand and speak  English. The menu is long and varied with traditional dishes like Rigatoni...

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Checco er Carettiere - Rome

Checco er Carettiere

This is a historical restaurant at the edge of Trastevere, just across the river from the Campo dei Fiori area.  Their menu offers traditional Roman dishes like Broccoli soup, pasta with chickpeas, pasta Matriciana style, gnocchi and also oxtail, Roman style meat rolls,...

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Corsetti il Galeone - Rome

Corsetti il Galeone

This place, in the heart of Trastevere, specializes in delicious fish dishes such as the famous Spaghetti di Corsetti. Roman specialties as Bucatini alla amatriciana or Rigatoni alla pajata are offered with Italian wines.


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Corso Chinati - Rome

Corso Chinati

It is a small, popular restaurant with great food and a friendly atmosphere. It also boasts an impressive wine cellar.

Type: Cafés, Italian 
Address: Via del Gesu 88

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Da Baffetto - Rome

Da Baffetto

This is primarily a pizzeria and the variety of pizzas served here is mind-boggling. The crowds are huge and even though you may have to queue up, it won't be for long as the service is quick. Also served here are bruschette, various salads, mushrooms, beans and delicious...

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Da Paris - Rome

Da Paris

The café has a lovely veranda overlooking Via Veneto and has been at the heart of Roman life since the 1950s. The cooking is excellent with only the freshest of ingredients being used. If you order a hamburger, it will be cooked in front of your eyes. The restaurant...

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