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Keats-Shelley Memorial House

ImageThe English Romantic poet, John Keats, travelled to Rome to get away from the inclement weather of England and spent the last few months of his life in the Casina Rosa or Little Red House, where he bravely struggled to cope with his ailing health and where he  tragically died of tuberculosis in 1821.The house situated at the foot of the Spanish Steps remains much the same from the outside as it was when Keats arrived in Rome .

 In 1903, the house was turned into a memorial and a museum, where visitors can learn about the lives of Keats, Shelley, Byron and other English poets who were inspired by Italy.  The house contains an extensive collection of paintings, objects and manuscripts celebrating the lives of Keats, Shelley and Byron. There is also a lock of Milton, Elizabeth Barrett’s hair, a manuscript and poem by Oscar Wilde.The large Salone holds the finest library of English Romantic literature on the Continent with splendidly bound first editions and letters by Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Joseph Sever and Charles and Mary Cowden-Clarke. This house is visited by thousands of people every year in tribute to the genius of the young, beautiful, doomed poet of English Romanticism, and to Percy Bysshe Shelly, to whom this memorial is also dedicated.


 Address: 26, Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Rome, Italy

 Tel       : (06) 678 4235


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