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Fontane di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

ImageThe Trevi Fountain is the most famous of all fountains in Rome. The fountain which covers an entire wall of the Palazzo Poli, does not disappoint, is magnificent, refreshing to the eye and well-preserved.Trevi refers to the three roads that converge there. This extravagant baroque work depicts Neptune’s statue.This statue, has a famous legend attached. A person who throws a coin over his shoulder and into the fountain will be blessed by a return trip to Rome someday. If two coins are thrown, a marriage will occur soon.This two-tiered fountain is designed as a large basin in a semi-circular shape and is sunk right below the pavement level. Its water cascades down a trio of ledges and rocks at the feet of the statue of Neptune, his sea-shell chariot and his sea-horses-one wild, one docile, representing the moods of the sea. The Trevi Fountain can be described as an impressive haven in a bustling city.

Address: Piazza de Trevi, Near Via del Corso and Via del Tritone underground exit:


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