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Festivals in Rome - Italy

Feast of Luna - Rome

Feast of Luna

31 March- Roman festival of the goddess of the full moon. ...

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Feast of the Holy Cross - Rome

Feast of the Holy Cross

14 Sept- To honor the holy cross of Jesus. ...

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Feriae Senentiva (Feast of Spring) - Rome

Feriae Senentiva (Feast of Spring)

30 January- Festival of Peace ...

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Festival day for Proserpina - Rome

Festival day for Proserpina

6 January- Christmas Day according to the Julian calendar.  ...

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Festival of Caristia - Rome

Festival of Caristia

22 February- At this festival, family members gather at home and feast together and then make offerings to the household deities. ...

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Festival of Compitalia - Rome

Festival of Compitalia

12 January- It held to honor the spirits of the crossroads (compitalia- countryside crossroads)and to mark the end of the winter planting season....

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Festival of Fornacalia - Rome

Festival of Fornacalia

17 February- It is held in honor of the goddess Fornax in order that the corn might be properly baked. ...

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Festival of Janus and Concordia - Rome

Festival of Janus and Concordia

30 March- Festival of patrons of beginnings, doors and passages and of peace and harmony respectively....

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