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altIf its your first time in Dublin and you don't know your way around, taxis are a good choice -- especially considering how confusing the bus system can be.  Dublin actually has more taxis than New York.  Consequently, you should have no trouble finding one.  They're much cheaper than taxis in other European cities, but still more expensive than public transit.  Rates can vary, but shouldn't be much more than €10.00.  As always, remember to make sure the meter's running and to get a receipt!

It may be necessary to book a taxi in advance on nights and weekends.  There are many companies within the city.

ABC Taxis
Telephone: +353 01 285 5444

Blue Cabs
Telephone: 01 802 2222
Website: www.bluecabs.ie

Boro Cabs
Telephone: 01 284 8855

Speed Cabs
Telephone: 01 475 0800

Trinity Taxi
Telephone: 01 708 2222

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