From the Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is located 10km north of Dublin's city center.  It has two terminals, one of which belongs to the national carrier, Aer Lingus.  Ryanair, the notorious budget carrier, has flights to every major airport in Europe as well.

The easiest way to make the journey from the airport to the city is by taxi.  The average fare is around €25.  Several buses are also available as well.  Aircoach connects the airport with the city center and makes stops at several major hotels.  It leaves every fifteen minutes and costs €7.  Several routes on Dublin's public bus system service the airport too.  AirLink express routes depart every ten minutes to the city center and bus station at a cost of €6.  Other routes are cheaper (around €2), but are not express and can take over an hour during rush hour.

When completed, Dublin's new metro will also serve the airport, but that is several years off.

Dublin Airport
Telephone: +353 01 814 1111