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Transportation - Getting Around in Dublin - Ireland

Bus - Dublin


Buses in Dublin are convenient and ubiquitous.  They operate from 05:00-23:30 daily.  The charge varies based on destination, but shouldn't ever be more than a few Euros.  Only coins are accepted, no bills.  If you don't have exact change, ask the driver for a receipt that can...

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Care for hire - Dublin

Care for hire

Visitors are able to rent a car for their own driving convenience around the city. By producing a driving license of your country to the rental company, a temporary insurance service will be arranged. Some hiring agencise have their own regulations for issuing cars and these should be followed.Read More

Driving Tips - Dublin

Driving Tips

The minimum age of driving in Ireland (obviously with a full UK license) is 17 for cars. Speed limits are strictly enforced in Ireland, so be sure to watch out for signs along the road. The speed limit will be in kilometers. Seat belts are mandatory for the front as well as the rear passengers. In...

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From the Dublin Airport - Dublin

From the Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is located 10km north of Dublin's city center.  It has two terminals, one of which belongs to the national carrier, Aer Lingus.  Ryanair, the notorious budget carrier, has flights to every major airport in Europe as well.

The easiest way to make the journey...

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Taxi - Dublin


If its your first time in Dublin and you don't know your way around, taxis are a good choice -- especially considering how confusing the bus system can be.  Dublin actually has more taxis than New York.  Consequently, you should have no trouble finding one.  They're much cheaper than...

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Train - Dublin


There are four suburban rail lines that ply Dublin and its suburbs.  They mostly run through Dublin's suburbs and are used by commuters.  More relevant is the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) line, which runs along the coast.  Tickets can be purchased at ticket booths or machines at...

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