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Chili Club

altKnown to be Dublin first Thai restaurant, The Chili Club is a popular venue for residents as well as tourists. Its cozy and warm atmosphere and intimate art and décor is a reflection of tradition Thai hospitality. Popular among restaurant goers since its inception in 1991, Chili Club offers a variety of flavours and treats, holding true to its tangy traditions. The Satay and Chili Club selection of starters and appetizers are a well-liked choice. Lunch is served between 12:30 and 2:30 pm from Wednesday to Friday, and dinner 5:30- 11pm from Tuesday to Saturday and 3-11pm on Sundays.

Cuisine : Thai

Location :
1 Anne’s Lane,
South Anne Street 
Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 677 3721
Fax: 01 635 1928
Website : www.chiliclub.ie


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