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The Ha'penny Bridge

altThe Ha'penny Bridge was the first crossing of the Liffey River in Dublin.  Prior to its completion in 1816, the only way across was one of seven ferries.  The ferry owner was forced to build the bridge as the ferries became delapidated.  The bridge is named for the half-penny toll that was once required to cross it.  It's officially known as the Liffey Bridge, or Droichead na Life.  It was renovated in 2001.

Many Dubliners consider the Ha'penny Bridge to be the symbol of Dublin.  The 43m long bridge is made out of cast iron.  Many homeless call the bridge home, and it has also become a symbol of the stratification in irish society.  Still, crossing the bridge is an integral part of any trip to Dublin.  The views are excellent and the southern end connects to the heart of Temple Bar.

Location: 15 Bachelor's Walk, North City Centre, Dublin


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