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Guinness Brewery and Storehouse

altNothing says Ireland quite like a cold Guinness.  The harp that graces every bottle is an internationally recognized symbol of Irish culture.  The drink itself is a thick, dark beer known as stout.  Brewing began in 1759 at the Saint James's Gate Brewery by Arthur Guinness.  At the end of that year he signed a 9,000 year lease at £45 per year for the previously unused brewery.  That turned out to be a pretty good deal, as Guinness is still produced there today.

The Guinness Storehouse is the most popular tourist attraction in Dublin.  The seven story building was built in 1900.  A 'storehouse' is where the yeast is added and the fermentation takes place.  In 1988 it was replaced by a new storehouse, and the building was converted into a visitors center that opened in 2000.

Exhibits here tell the story of Guinness and the St. James's Gate Brewery.  Everything you've ever wanted to know about beer you'll learn here, from where the ingredients come from to the fermentation process to the distribution.  There are interactive exhibits to keep people of all ages engaged.  At the top is a gravity bar.  If you're interested, you can sample a free pint of the famed Guinness itself.  The bar also offers spectacular panoramic views of Dublin.

Even if you don't drink, the Storehouse is an interesting destination.  There's a lot of information about Irish culture, which is inextricably linked with drinking.  The Brewery Bar on the fifth floor serves pretty good traditional Irish cuisine and the store is a great place to stock up on some unique souvenirs.

Location: St. James Gate, James Street, The Liberties
Telephone: +353 01 408 4800
Website: www.guinness-storehouse.com
Hours: Open daily 09:30-17:00 (until 19:00 July and August)
   15.00 Adult
   11.00 Student (18+)
   9.00 Student (<18)
   5.00 Children (6-12)


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