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Organized Tours in Dublin - Ireland

1916 Rebellion Walking Tour - Dublin

1916 Rebellion Walking Tour

Tours run daily and begin at 11:30 am Mondays to Saturdays, and at 1 pm on Sundays. The tour goes at a lesiurley pace and ends in about two hours. It is recommended by all who have taken it and is quite education and iinformative on the history of Ireland. The tour ends with a lively discussion at...

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Abbey Tours - Dublin

Abbey Tours

This privately owned tourist operator works closely with a number of travel and event agents in the city. Tourists can choose to explore in groups or individually and can opt from lots of different itineraries and programs to suit their style of travel. Abbey Tours also organizes a number of...

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CIE Tours International - Dublin

CIE Tours International

One of the most successful tourist organizations in the city, CIE has been a favourite among tourists for years. With prompt customer service and detailed tour packages, visitors are offered luxury. Customers can choose from a variety of tourist coach packages, by selecting the number of days,...

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Dublin Bike Tours - Dublin

Dublin Bike Tours

The tour runs from April 1-October 31 and is good, quiter alternate to taking a bus tour of the city. The tour takes a slightly different route by avoiding the main streets, showing a different side of Dublin. The tour price includes a bike and insurance. Advance booking is recommended....

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Dublin Bus Tours - Dublin

Dublin Bus Tours

The best way to see Dublin if you’re only visiting for a few days is to take the Dublin Bus Tour. The bus takes you to Trinity College, Dublin Castle, National Gallery and much more. Although the comlete tour lasts well over an hour, you can get an All Day Pass and hop on and off the bus anytime...

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Dublin Literary Public Crawl - Dublin

Dublin Literary Public Crawl

A trip to Dublin would be incomplete without learning more about the city’s literary history. The show which lasts about two hours is performed by professional actors who perform from the works by Sameul Beckett, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Seamus Heaney and more. The tour also includes a short...

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Dublin Mountains Partnership - Dublin

Dublin Mountains Partnership

Aimed at conserving the Dublin Mountain area, DMP organizes a range of activities and expeditions for those who are fond of the outdoors. These include mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, conservation, mountain running, scouting and orienteering. The company has also developed a number of...

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Excursions Ireland  - Dublin

Excursions Ireland

With over 30 years of experience, this company offers a wide range of activities and packages for travelers. Some of the tours are Shore excursions, golf tours, fishing tours, castle tours and independent tours. Location :
Excursions Ireland, 115 Robertson Mews, Read More


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