Dublin Residents

The population of Dublin in 2006 was 505,739 and at the rate at which it is growing is expected to hit 2 million by the year 2021. In the 1990’s when employment levels stated to rise rapidly and people’s income levels and standard of living increased, a lot of foreigners, not only from other European countries but from all over the world, started moving into Ireland, specifically to Dublin. It is no wonder then, that even today the population is a mix of various cultures and ethnicities. 10% of the population are foreigners, mostly from the UK and Poland, while the non-European crowd includes Chinese, Australian, Brazilian, Nigerian and other Asians. Today more than 60% of Asian immigrants in Ireland live in Dublin. Because of the vibrant art and music culture, today Dublin is known as the ‘youngest city in Europe’ with the large number of the population being 25 or younger.
But even with all the new events and festivals taking place, Irish stay true to their culture and history. You will still find horse-drawn carriages available for hire down a cobbled street.