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Transportation - Getting Around in Tehran - Iran

Buses - Tehran


The bus service in Tehran is extensive and thorough. There are four bus terminals, the western, eastern, southern and central bus terminals, that service Tehran and the many intercity routes. The sheer number of buses running at any one time means that simply turning up at the closest terminal is...

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Car for hire - Tehran

Car for hire

Cars can be rented in Tehran through the newspaper (Tehran Times has advertisements) or several rental places in the city. Generally cars come with a driver so be sure to specify if you wish to drive yourself. Rental without a driver also tends to be exorbitant. Most rental places will keep your...

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Driving Tips - Tehran

Driving Tips

Driving yourself is not recommended as the traffic can be quite hectic in the city. If you wish to drive, be sure to obtain enough insurance and drive defensively. A valid driving license is required. ...

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From the airport - Tehran

From the airport

A private taxi is the best way to get from the airport as other forms of public transport can be difficult to figure out on such short notice. There are also very few bus and train lines that service Imam Khomeini international Airport. Mehrabad International Airport is located closer to the...

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Metro - Tehran


The metro system in Tehran is new compared to most other things in the city, the first line became operational in 1999 and the newest in 2007. The clean and conspicuously systematic carriages are getting progressively more useful a means of transport as more stops and lines open up.

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Taxi - Tehran


Getting a separate taxi for yourself is expensive but safe and convienient way to get around short distances. To get the real feel of the city however, there must be a few rides in shared taxis. The fare for shared taxis must be agreed on beforehand to avoid being excessively charged. They cost...

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