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Restaurants in Tehran - Iran

 Fardis Restaurant  - Tehran

Fardis Restaurant

Telephone: 8828516
28 Ferdowsi Street.

This restaurant serves mostly European dishes, steak, seafood and the like if a break from all the kebabs and rice is desired. It is called the ‘swiss restaurant’ by locals and specialises in fruit juices and desserts.

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 Milano Restaurant - Tehran

Milano Restaurant

Telephone: 2213494, 2213494
No.6, Nezami St., Mirzapoor St., Dr.Shriati Avenue.

This Italian restaurant has a calm ambience and is a good place for a quiet meal with a friend or partner.

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Agha Bozorg - Tehran

Agha Bozorg

Delicious ‘dizi’ is made at Agha Bozorg on 28, Keshavarz Boulevard along with other traditional Iranian fare. To ‘do as the romans’ one may sit with a Qalyan and smoke to relax after one’s meal.

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Alborz Restaurant - Tehran

Alborz Restaurant

Telephone: 8761907
North Sohrevardy Avenue, After Shahid Beheshti Avenue.

This famous restaurant has traditional Persian food and a good atmosphere for groups. The service is good and the kebabs are said to be the best in town. ...

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Baba Taher  - Tehran

Baba Taher

Located in Jomhuri-ye Eslami avenue
Serves all kinds of food in traditional décor and surroundings. Live music can sometimes be enjoyed here as well. It is located opposite the south side of the British embassy.

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coffee shops - Tehran

coffee shops

On the south side of Jomhuriyeh Eslami Ave, west of Ferdosi St are a string of coffee shops where coffee beans, various coffee souvenirs and steaming cups of Persian coffee may be purchased. They also serve tea and pastries and are an interesting way to spend a break from sightseeing or...

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falafel restaurants - Tehran

falafel restaurants

In Khordad Avenue, there are some falafel restaurants that prepare excellent authentic food for fairly cheap. The stalls are across the road from the bazaar and are a great way to experience Tehran.  ...

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Khayam Restaurant - Tehran

Khayam Restaurant

Located near the Khayam metro station.

A 300-year old mosque has been converted to this restaurant, and boasts beautiful decorations. Traditional Iranian food is served here.

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